António Mendes, Portugal Territory Manager, explains the Enimbos objectives in the Portuguese market.

What does Enimbos do in the Portuguese market and with his clients?

Founded in September 2016 and today with 75 employees, with more than 300 certifications in AWS (Premier), Azure (Gold), GCP and Oracle Cloud, and several international recognitions, it focuses on helping companies on their way to the Cloud and optimizing Cloud infrastructures in more than 50% of real costs, in the supply, administration, management and business continuity in MultiCloud/OnPrem/Hybrid environments, assuming our commitment to service quality, information security, and business continuity; in order to guarantee the highest standards of service demand.

It should be noted that since 20 March 2020, we are developing a strong presence in the Portuguese market, installing our headquarters in the Science and Innovation Park of Aveiro, where we already have a team of specialists in the multi-cloud environment, not only supporting Portuguese customers, but also international customers.


How can a company manage and optimize their cloud operations?

Enimbos’ value proposition is based on the following four pillars: data center transformation, multi-cloud optimization and governance, 24/7 service operation, and cloud consulting services (Cloud Security and Data Analytics). In addition, we provide the customer with the best technical knowledge to align their cloud infrastructure with the business needs. And finally, we help and advise companies to turn their infrastructure into more secure, resilient, efficient and high-performance environments, where we very often do POC, at different stages of the customer’s evolution. The way we approach each of our customers’ projects and offer our services is based on an Agile working model. The support plan with multidisciplinary operational cells allows us to adapt our way of working to the specific conditions of each project and client, obtaining an immediate response and generating results that are always below the SLAs to which we are always committed to our clients.

Furthermore, since its creation, Enimbos has chosen to focus on an R&D strategy, which has led to the development and evolution of its own SaaS platform, Skytuneup (also available on the AWS and Microsoft Azure Marketplaces), which allows the management of multi-cloud environments, in a single control panel, with functionalities such as cost management, backups, alarm models and governance through the most advantageous “labelling” methodologies offered by this type of environment, achieving savings that can reach up to 80%.


What’s the importance of data analytics for companies?

Proper data Analytics activities mean having the capacity to manage huge amounts of data in order to facilitate more intelligent decision making at a strategic level, reduce costs, and offer higher value-added services.


What are the main trends in cloud and data analytics right now?

The main challenges in the cloud paradigm are the capacity to manage multi-cloud environments to take the greatest advantage of each provider, to limit IT investment to the real needs of the business based on new purchasing models, and the possibility of customizing environments to the real situation of the moment. In particular, with the impact of the COVID, security is established as a fundamental pillar thanks to its new solutions capable of responding to the much-studied cyber-attacks. As far as big data is concerned, I believe that the important thing is to be able to extract the maximum value from the data, overcoming the challenges that we face, such as the enormous data volume, its different types (structured, unstructured) as well as the enormous speed that its management requires for a very simple reason: information that was valid yesterday may no longer be valid tomorrow.


How can you help your clients to achieve their goals in the areas you work?

If there is something that distinguishes Enimbos, it is its tremendous vision that the team demonstrates with the values of: innovation, adaptability, passion and excellence. They are the thread of the team and what drives us to offer the best service to our clients. The technological innovation allows Enimbos to offer the most advanced solutions so that their customers are always up to date; it is the fundamental pillar to compete in a market in constant evolution. The adaptability allows us to offer our clients what they need at all times, according to their commercial needs and overcoming the inconveniences that may arise. As for passion, it is reflected in the team’s commitment to offer a quality service, information security and guarantee business continuity, always seeking excellence in service.


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