Companies and universities boost students’ talent in CEU Digital Tech

Leading companies such as Enimbos, have reached an agreement with CEU Universities whereby the companies participate through scholarships or mentoring students.
In a world as changing as the current one, the requirements demanded by the labour market are increasing. This is what Enimbos CEO Javier de la Cuerda wanted to talk about. “We have always bet on young talent and especially on the impulse from organisations, universities, hyperscalers, etc. to train new professionals specialised in the cloud, one of the professional sectors with more future. Furthermore, the speed at which new technologies are evolving is such that we believe that collaboration with the academic world is key to being able to contribute to closing the gap between training and the needs that companies currently demand”.

Do you think that today’s students are less prepared to face the world of work?

“Unfortunately, they have an uncertain future and that sometimes makes them lose motivation because they prepare themselves, they train and then they don’t see any answers in the workplace. We must change this between all of us and know how to give them the responsibilities they are capable of assuming at the beginning, always encouraging them to continue learning and evolving. We must trust them from the point of view of supervision, because they have many abilities and things to offer”.

What do you think your company can contribute to the knowledge of young people?

“A lot. We train them from day one, we motivate them with challenges that make them feel valuable and we help them to build the path for them to become great professionals and to be able to transmit, communicate and develop in a world in which not only knowledge is important, but also many other skills needed to move successfully in a company.”

Do you think it is necessary to increase the relationship between university and business? Why?

“Yes, absolutely. As I said, collaboration between the academic world and companies is key to train students in what companies demand the most. In addition, programmes that encourage interaction between students and companies are fundamental to help young people in their entry into the world of work”.

If you want to read the article published in El Economista, click here.

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