Data Analytics

We provide our customers with the most innovative cloud solutions for decision making and information management.

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Areas of analysis

Our approach is based on these 4 areas

Ingest & Data Preparation

To obtain accurate and consistent data from each task wherever it is stored.

Data Management & Quality

Analytics and data refinement to produce high value business insights.

Machine Learning & AI

Add intelligence to applications and transform how analytics content is developed, consumed and shared.

Data Visualization & Reporting

Other decision makers within your company should know data is correct, important and urgent to act upon.

Some real use cases

Supply chain management company


· We defined and deploy a cloud data analytics solution for our client for them to reduce the integration time with their suppliers and accelerate their go to market.
· We endorsed our solution with the last AWS D&A services, from the data preparation, its processing and all the necessary connections to ensure the solution functionality.

Content management service company


· The solution enables to quickly and seamlessly extract key information from media files in AWS accounts.
· The service allows to collect data from the multimedia content for their use in machine learning models.

SaaS platform


· We design a solution with access to the differents clouds and data analysis through augmented analytics tools to give feedback to the entire flow.
· The data from the different sources (storage in the Data Lake) is processed, then the personalized recommendations are ready for us to study and deploy.


Benefits for your business

down silos

Achieve cross-organizational integration of data. Leveraging data from different parts of your organization through a cloud analytics solution can deliver daily insights.


A cloud analytics platform allows you to better integrate data and quickly identify intelligent insights.


Provide an unified approach to data, allowing fast access to necessary business data.

& scalability

Cloud computing can enable the abilities to add data storage and data analysis capacity as needed.


Granular access controls and single access points increase data security.


Sharing the single point of access increases the collaboration and participation of the whole team.