Enimbos consolidated in the AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) Programme

The AWS MSP Partner Programme recognizes and validates leading, highly qualified APN consultancy partners to provide complete solutions to clients. AWS MSP Partners provide the expertise, guidance and services required to assist each client in their digital transformation objective.

The validation process for the AWS MSP Partner Programme consists of a rigorous multi-day on-site audit to confirm the partner’s ability to provide state-of-the-art managed services and their capabilities in the areas of architecture, automation, optimization and management of cloud environments on AWS platforms. Successfully passing this audit ensures that AWS MSP partners, such as Enimbos, are experts in all aspects of AWS products and features and that their business processes are considered best in class, ensuring their ability to deliver the high level of customer service for which Amazon is known for.

At Enimbos we are extremely proud to have renewed our participation as a partner in the AWS MSP programme” says Javier de la Cuerda, company’s CEO. “The reason for our success lies in our highly qualified team, which is dedicated to helping companies achieve their technological goals by taking advantage of the agility and innovation presented by AWS’s cloud services“.

The revalidation of this competence is based on Enimbos’ clear commitment to the training of its professionals, reaching a team with 130 certifications in different AWS roles, 30% more than last year. This knowledge has allowed Enimbos to gain new customers in the middle of the COVID pandemic and, with it, to assume an important growth of the team of 15 people, specialists in different fields, giving an answer to the companies’ needs.

This mutual commitment makes Enimbos one of the partners with more knowledge in the advantages, solutions and services of AWS already consolidated in Spain. Moreover, the intense presence of the company in Portugal, with offices in Lisbon and Aveiro, and the good time of Portuguese companies to make the technological leap to the cloud, are driving Enimbos to establish itself in the Portuguese market as one of the leading cloud partners in the sector.

You can also read the news at Computing and elEconomista.

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