Enimbos joins CEU Digital Tech and AWS Educate Cloud Computing Programme

The cloud services expert company Enimbos, currently part of the Accenture group, has signed a collaboration agreement with the San Pablo CEU University Foundation to offer annual scholarships to students of the Cloud Computing programme taught at the educational institution in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

This is a three-year modular programme that aims to train the workers of the future by providing them with new professional skills in cloud technologies, which are in high demand by companies and institutions around the world. The AWS Educate programme is a powerful link between educators, students and organisations, connecting companies in need of talent trained in the cloud paradigm with qualified students seeking entry into this area of the labour market.

Thanks to this collaboration, Enimbos mentors will accompany students during the development of different challenges, taking an active role in the practical training of students in their transition to the world of work.

As an Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting Partner with more than 130 certifications, Enimbos has extensive experience and expertise in implementing solutions and migrating to the cloud. “Our commitment to young talent is maximum, since our inception we have been close to university environments that have allowed us to bring promising young people to our ranks,” says Javier de la Cuerda, CEO of Enimbos.

“We are also strongly committed to the constant training of our team, especially in a field like ours that is constantly updated. We believe in giving opportunities and responsibilities to young people who are starting their professional career. We trust that they will not only learn with us, but that they will stay with us and give us the enormous potential they have. Companies have to have confidence in young talent and trust that with complete onboarding processes they can contribute a lot to the companies”.

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You can also read the news published in Europa Press.

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