Enimbos named AWS Migration Acceleration Program Partner for Windows

The cloud expert company has been recognized by Amazon Web Services to deliver positive results in both full infrastructure migration services and specialized migration workloads from Windows.

Amazon Web Services Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) is designed to help companies that are determined to take the step towards cloud migration, achieving significant business benefits by migrating workloads that set up their existing IT infrastructures to Amazon Web Services (AWS). For this, Enimbos Global Services S.L. has been named partner of the new and exclusive AWS MAP program with a specialty in Windows. This recognizes Enimbos’ ability to provide consulting support, expert migration knowledge and service credits to the client in order to minimize the risks of migrating to the cloud as much as possible, being able to build a solid operating base and help offset the initial cost of migration processes using consumer credits on AWS. As an exclusive partner of Amazon Web Services, Enimbos has been recognized as Partner to deliver positive results to any customer who needs full infrastructure migration services or complex load migration services from Windows.

As AWS MAP Partner, Enimbos Global Services S.L. has certified knowledge about Migration and Microsoft Workloads, placing itself in a unique position in Spain and Portugal marlets to help all those clients who need to successfully adopt AWS cloud services and take full advantage of MAP for Windows. “This new level of recognition as an AWS MAP Partner confirms Enimbos’ vocation to provide the best solutions to customers, allowing them to compete more effectively in the market. We appreciate the support provided by AWS to guide us through this process” says Javier de la Cuerda, Enimbos CEO. “Our team is fully dedicated to helping companies achieve their technology goals by taking advantage of the agility, breadth of services, and pace of innovation provided by AWS“.

In addition, as an AWS Migration Delivery partner, Enimbos assists leading organizations and large companies in any process of cloud migration through in-depth analysis, planning and transformation management. Subsequently, it performs a full 24/7 operation and administration service on AWS platforms. Based on the best practices of successful migration projects, Enimbos is an expert in data center transformation, migration and automation processes achieving safer, more scalable and cheaper environments. They also carry out 24/7 administration support using the most innovative technologies, basing their work process on an agile model that guarantees a highly effective response.

This program establishes and provides a migration methodology to execute all kinds of methodically inherited migrations, as well as an important set of tools to automate and accelerate common migration scenarios. In addition, MAP for Windows is an evolution of the initial MAP program that includes additional benefits for customers and partners, specifically designed to cover all those needs associated with the migration of workloads from Microsoft to AWS.


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