Enimbos will be participating at MWC Barcelona 2020

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the world’s largest digital solutions event. Year after year it is able to bring together the latest innovations of the moment and the most advanced technology in the same space; all available to today’s most influential visionaries. Anyone who is part of the digital world is aware of the magnitude of this event and proof of this is the more than 109,000 attendees from all over the world, giving the event a unique international character (attendees from more than 198 countries). In addition, this event manages to bring together a profile of attendees with senior business executives, 59% of the attendees occupy a senior level position and more than 7900 attendees hold the position of CEO. If we put these data together we obtain as a result a very profitable data for any company and potential client, the MWC manages to generate more than 1 million meetings afterward.

All these data are the ones that have made us be present at the MWC for the second consecutive year, having our own stand where we can explain all our cloud computing solutions. Cloud technology has unlimited potential today and in the future, and what better way to demonstrate it at the event with the highest level of digitalization in the world?

Here we go Barcelona!

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