Enimbos at the Oracle OpenWorld London event

If all your ideas and projects related with cloud start in Dubai? The spark of an idea. Hard-earned knowledge of what actually works. The insights within data to make the previously undreamed of possible. Every transformative change has a beginning, and requires people to put in the work. Join the brilliant, hard-driving, stubborn, inspired, passionate people redefining what’s achievable, and the technology empowering them, and that you can find at the Oracle OpenWorld event held in London on February 12 and 13. During these two days, Enimbos will be immerse in the infinite possibilities of a data-driven world.


Day 1 | Insight Starts Here | Outpace Change with Intelligence

Explore how leading companies, such as Enimbos—faced with an ever-accelerating pace of change—are unlocking insights with data to re-engineer the core of their business, elevate the value they deliver to customers, pioneer new ways of working, and drive completely new opportunities.


Day 2 | Innovation Starts Here | Technology-Powered Possibilities

Dive deep into the transformational and autonomous technologies fundamentally changing work and life. Fuel innovation by pulling value from vast amounts of data at scale and unleashing opportunities with AI and machine learning.


Which will be the topics to be covered during this event?

From Enimbos we are very grateful to have this great opportunity to share with the community for a second time in Oracle OpenWorld, which will be celebrated this second edition in London, the experience of Enimbos in Multicloud environments. For us it is a great achievement to be able to be part of this magnificent event with the highest standards in the cloud computing world!

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