Enimbos participates as Platinum sponsor in AWS Initiate Portugal

AWS Initiate Portugal is a perfect opportunity to learn by firsthand how cloud computing technology is transforming the business model of companies, organizations, industries and in general the world around us; all of this as a consequence of disruptive innovation. The event will be held on October 22, 2019, a day where the most innovative technology and the latest business communities will meet in the same space; with the aim to discover more about the new AWS technology and the most disruptive cloud opportunities for companies in the Portuguese market.

If you are looking to learn more about the culture of innovation; modernize your infrastructure and applications, differentiate yourself from your competitors through AI and machine learning; Or more specifically, know all the necessary steps to take your company to the next level, do not miss this event! Practical advice will be discussed, success stories from real customers will be explained and best practices, new technologies and services applied to cloud computing technology will be explained in detail.

If you feel identified with all these reasons, your event is AWS Initiate Portugal!

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