Enimbos completes its Go-To-Market with two new cloud consulting services

The objective of the new business line is to get closer to customers, facilitating the improvement of security on cloud platforms, and maximizing the value of the large volumes of data managed.

Enimbos, an expert company in helping companies to migrate their resources to the cloud, has developed a new type of cloud consulting services focused on two areas that are highly demanded by customers: Cloud Security Services and Cloud Data & Analytics Services.

“As a result of the evolution of the IT services sector, Enimbos has developed a new line of business,” says Javier de la Cuerda, CEO of the company. “The goal is to get even closer to our customers through services focused on the security of cloud platforms and services aimed at maximizing the value of large volumes of data and information managed by different solutions. This approach will allow us to identify the specific needs of the business’s IT resources, in order to later offer a technological solution that is completely adapted to each client.

The first new service offered by Enimbos is Cloud Security. It is a complete set of cybersecurity solutions, ranging from a detailed audit to the deployment of the security operations center (SOC) 24/7 in the customer, through the implementation of the most modern and complete solutions of the main cloud providers. With this offer, Enimbos has a clear ambition to provide the best cybersecurity services and designs in the cloud market.

The second service is Cloud Data & Analytics, which allows the customer to cover its complete analytical flow: data collection and preparation, management and administration, data visualization and augmented analysis (ML & AI). As cloud technology becomes the optimal platform for data and its analysis, Enimbos guides the customer to implement these services in an optimal way, allowing him to obtain additional benefits. The Cloud Data & Analytics offering, aimed at facilitating decision making by business leaders, is based on reliable and verified information from large amounts of data.

Enimbos, which has managed to position itself as one of the companies with greater technological expertise for the development and implementation of cloud infrastructures, completes its offer with these two technological consultancy services. The company, present in the Spanish and Portuguese market, has a highly certified team with more than 350 multi-cloud certifications and has the highest levels of partnerships with the two main public clouds, Premier Consulting Partner from AWS and Azure Managed Serviced Provider Expert (MSP) from Microsoft.


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