Invincible Army 3.0

We share the article published in Computing magazine’s Yearbook 2021, by Javier de la Cuerda, CEO of Enimbos.

Immersed in the war of our generation, it is difficult to abstract, in any forum, from the very difficult situation humanity is facing. I would have liked to start on a different note, but I believe that we cannot and will never forget the collapsing scenario in which we find ourselves. And while of course the fighting spirit is innate to human beings, we must be realistic in order to get out of it and responsible for not increasing the already enormous cost in human lives that it is entailing.

If we look at the facts, the economic and geopolitical situation looks very tough. But if we focus on our own country, the situation is even more complex; at the end of 2020, the European Commission predicted a 12.4% drop in national GDP for this year, an unemployment rate that will reach 18% as a result of the closure of more than 100,000 businesses, 800,000 people unemployed and 750,000 in ERTE. This situation will mean that 25% of Spanish families will not be able to pay their mortgage or rent.

We believe we are in a “safe sector with a future”, but we must not forget the high risk of contagion in which we find ourselves due to global uncertainty. The world is hyper interconnected and although we have the false sensation of belonging to the bubble of a business unaffected by the crisis, the collapse of other sectors will generate a domino effect that could have a strong impact on us. We must not fall into the false mirage of feeling we are in the oasis of a desert. We must all fight to bring this situation forward, because in one way or another, the good of some is the good of all.

To do this, organisations must, yes or yes, get on board the definitive train of digital transformation, a profound transformation that produces a metamorphosis and responds to the social needs of recent years and which COVID-19 has pointed out. At this point I do not want to join the fashion of talking about the concept of ‘Transformation’ as if spending on digital projects is necessarily the solution to all ills. I am extremely concerned that the initiated and committed plans for grants and funding associated with the COVID lines could end up being a ‘Plan E’ that runs out of steam without any results. This would undoubtedly mean leaving a mortgage that our children will not be able to pay. We must focus on developing projects that increase the competitiveness of our clients, i.e. produce more for less, reduce superfluous costs and increase their capacity to compete in exporting and providing services in a global world.

I am convinced that we need agile companies that respond to the needs of consumers in a way that is real and not contrived, that moves away from the old models of traditional outsourcing that tend to hold back the possibility of moving forward. In short, to take advantage of the benefits of new IT models that provide greater cost control, flexibility, innovation, a commitment to the sustainability of the planet and adaptability in times of change.

On a more positive note, this year has been a huge leap for Enimbos, with our integration into Accenture. We are convinced that this transition will become a successful reality very soon. We have deep admiration for our new big brother and its client focus, the enormous sector knowledge it demonstrates will help us to improve our approach to the market, its capacity for innovation, its global dimension and its respect for people in all their diversity. We are, of course, grateful for his warm welcome on board.

An exciting challenge, no doubt, which we face with optimism and the desire to give the best of ourselves. We know that the crossing has dangerous waves because the global situation is challenging, perhaps too much so, but we are confident that the ‘Invincible Armada’, as our team was once defined in this very medium, will come out on top.

We are also confident that we will be able to contribute our seed because we believe that companies small or huge are people, and that technology detached from humanity is meaningless.

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