24/7 Managed Services

We 24/7 manage your hybrid or multicloud platform using Devops solutions that enhance ongoing integration, deployment and SER approximation to improve availability.

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We work with the most innovative methodologies


Operating models that combines systems and practices to improve the cloud cost understanding. Our goal is to achieve maximum optimization of costs and get all the advantages offered by these environments.


Methodology to automate integration and continuous deployment ensuring the most effective response. Through the application of Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC), this methodology allows endless scaling based on demand and taking into consideration the security of applications and infrastructures.


Discipline that incorporates software engineering aspects and applies them to infrastructure and operations problems. Our main goal is to create scalable and highly reliable software systems.

Keys to success

These are the pillars of our 24/7 service

Operation cells

A multidisciplinary team will have end-to-end knowledge of your project and current level of service to obtain a fast and effective answer.

Agile methodology

We adopt Agile values and principles that allow us to adapt to frequent environment changes and your company needs.

Service management

Our top priority is to offer you the best service level every day, thus we have quality procedures to ensure this level of service.

Innovative tools

We apply Serverless models that achieve an automated and continuous deployment. Using tools such as Ansible, Jenkins and Terraform, we reduce the routinary procedures.

Reports and monitoring

We monitor the platforms based on your business criticality, adapting them to the most optimal models and looking for the best performance capacity and cost wise.

Benefits for your business


100% focused on controlling your infrastructure costs.


Immediate response in less than 15 minutes for urgent incidents.


Highly qualified team with more than 300 official certifications which endorse our knowledge.


Continuous evolution of your platform with the most innovative tools.

Miguel tells us what he thinks

The advantages that our customers obtain with our Operation service are first the possibility of having a platform totally available – thanks to our high knowledge of the applied technologies -, and the use of tools that allow us to give an almost inmediate answer.
Miguel Camba Cloud Consultant

This is what our customers think about us:

As technology experts in on-site and cloud systems management, Enimbos enabled us to migrate our highly available platform successfully.
Luis Peñas García CIO, OH San Juan de Dios
Having Enimbos professional services means a quality leap for our company.
Alberto Solís CIO, Eysa
Working with Enimbos has been a complete success to solve our technological needs. We’ve been able to get the most of the new AWS services and solutions.
Miguel Portillo CTO, 8Belts
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