Optimization and multi-cloud Governance

Based on our FinOps and continuous support model, we help you keeping your platform rightsized, which allows you to achieve all cloud advantages.


Enhance your platform in 4 steps

1. One single console

We identify and analyze the resources of your cloud environment.

2. Fastest optimization

We look for the best solution to manage your resources, reducing costs to the maximum extent possible.

3. Control improvement

We assign the budgets and define the alerts, according to the needs of your business.

4. Technological re-architecture

We define a more secure and efficient architecture for your cloud environment.

Benefits for your business



Defining suitable purchasing models and avoiding idle ones


Defining a standard tagging model for your business


Establishing the right controls to ensure your business evolution

Juan tells us what he thinks

With our Optimization and multi-cloud Governance service, our customers obtain a cost-effective multi-cloud or hybrid environment through the ongoing support of a Technical Account Manager (TAM). Customers get the most up-to-date information of their resources, and receive recommendations to mantain their environments safe and controlled.
Juan Labarga Pre-Sales Department

This is what our customers think about us:

Enimbos stands for monitoring, controlling and constantly optimizing cloud expenses. They provide a flawless adherence to SLA’s and a vast technical expertise.
Belén Jódar CTO, Grupo Zeta
Enimbos has been key to our tool development. They’ve helped us getting the most of our platform.
David Ufano Cloud Office Responsible, UOC
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