“Portugal is a country with high technological growth”

Javier de la Cuerda, CEO of Enimbos, analyses the company’s situation in relation to its internationalization objective in the Portuguese media press Vida Económica. For almost 2 years Enimbos has consolidated its presence in the Portuguese market as an expert technological partner in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, which has allowed us to know first-hand the peculiarities of this country’s cloud. We tell you about it below:

1. You started Enimbos in Portugal in January 2019, opened a second office in the country. How would describe your activity nowadays and what are your expectations for the Portuguese when completing two years of presence, or until the end of this year?

Enimbos’ incursion into the Portuguese market is due to a first market analysis, where we realized that it was the perfect moment to enter, as there were no expert cloud companies in Portugal. Due to our experience and all the cloud certifications the company had and has, we were in a very good position to grow in the Portuguese market and position ourselves as a leading company in the provision of cloud computing services. Moreover, with the opening of a second office in Portugal, Enimbos has continued its internationalization strategy, confirming our commitment to the Portuguese market.

During the first year in Portugal, Enimbos analyzed the market in-depth, detecting all the opportunities presented by the Portuguese companies to help them in their digital transformation processes to the cloud; while in the second year, we managed to close deals with the most relevant companies in the country, reaching a growth of 65% compared to the previous year. In addition, our aim is to offer much more consistent coverage to customers whose company is based in Portugal; however, we must stress that cloud computing services are remote services, so we can easily support a customer located anywhere in the world. This is an advantage because we will always have professionals available with the greatest experience to adapt and respond to the needs presented by the client.


2. You started your second office in Aveiro. Why? Any connection with the University or academic community?

The new Enimbos delegation is located in the PCI Creative Science Park Technology Centre in Aveiro. Before taking this decision, we made an analysis of eight Portuguese cities and their respective universities, reaching the conclusion that Aveiro was the one with the best conditions in terms of access to university and technological and business ecosystems. The University of Aveiro is currently one of the main universities in Portugal, being among the three most outstanding ones.

In Spain, we are used to closing collaboration agreements with universities, and we wanted to continue with this model in Portugal. In this sense, more than 40% of the team is made up of people who joined the company through a scholarship and who later signed a work contract with us. Without a doubt, we can say that in Enimbos we are committed to offer quality labour and professional output.


3. Which are the main areas in which you are present in Portugal? Do have any public authorities working with you in Portugal?

Our immediate objective is to help optimize the cloud for any type of company, regardless of size or the specific sector it belongs to, as our solutions are suitable for all sectors. In short, we address all types of companies that are already familiar with cloud services or companies that want to move from on-premise to cloud environments, helping them both in the transformation process and in the process of migration to the cloud.

In Portugal, there is no company that does the same as Enimbos. Technology companies are much more generalist companies, so we are the only ones totally focused on providing cloud computing services and solutions.

As for the public sector, we have not yet started to collaborate, but it is certainly a potential market.


4. What was the scenario in terms of digital transformation/ cloud adoption when you arrived in Portugal and how would you describe the evolution since then?

When we entered the Portuguese market, companies had a low adoption of cloud environments, but the market has evolved and is now in constant technological growth, experiencing a 35% increase in our client portfolio in Portugal. In addition, it is worth noting that companies are currently focused mainly on multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Portugal is a country undergoing tremendous technological growth and this is demonstrated by the fact that it is considered one of the main technological HUBs at the European level, which has enabled us to present offers and services to large multinationals, trusting that our presence in this country will serve to drive the process of digital transformation towards the cloud.


5. How many people are working at Enimbos in Portugal? Do you plan to hire more people soon?

Currently, there are five people who make up the Enimbos team in Portugal, all of them with great technical training and with the aim of turning the Aveiro office into an international team of specialists in multi-cloud environments; that is, who not only support Portuguese clients, but also the rest of the international clients. Without any doubt, our purpose is to continue growing and to increase the team by hiring consultants and commercials, setting a goal for next year of exceeding 20 people.


6. How do you describe the company’s mindset concerning digitalization in Portugal?

There was already a clear path towards digitalization, but COVID-19 has fully promoted it, bringing it forward by 3 to 5 years at the planned rate of implementation. Companies that already had cloud environments at the start of the pandemic have had to deal with far fewer problems and have been much more agile and adaptable. It is also true that thanks to this increase in the pace of digitalization, the demand for cloud computing services has risen considerably which has allowed us to present 60% more offers to clients, also representing an increase of 44% in operational cloud computing services for clients in Portugal.


7. When measuring the success data of your services implementation in Portugal is it like other countries where you operate, like Spain for example?

Yes, it is the same. Both the degree of confidence we have in the team and the degree of training. Moreover, the rest of the factors are the same, so the success of our services is completely equal to that of the companies and clients we have in Spain.


8. Certifications are one of visit cards, if not the most important. In which way does it affect the effectiveness of your services and consequently of the business of the people who buy them?

Indeed, we are aware of the importance of certifications, so Enimbos is constantly working on the training of its professionals so that they have the best preparation. Enimbos is among the seven EU companies with more certifications in AWS and among the eight EU companies with more certifications in Microsoft Azure. Proof of this is that we maintain the highest levels of partnerships with the main public cloud platforms (in AWS we are Premier Consulting Partner, and in Microsoft we are Azure Expert MSP), and we have more than 270 team certifications in public cloud environments (130 in AWS, 100 in Azure, 50 in Oracle and 20 in Google).


9. You were considered of the top 10 ICT Disruptors in 2019. In what way do you differ from other players in the cloud business? How do you plan of continuing growing?

Enimbos has four years of activity within the cloud business, but our experience in cloud computing services comes from 2009. The team that created the company already had extensive experience in these services, and therefore everything was more rolled.

A big difference in our offer compared to other companies is the Skytuneup platform. This is a SaaS platform that improves the cloud operation of any user who makes use of cloud services, allowing to govern, optimize and automate a multi-cloud environment in a simple and immediate way. Skytuneup is a solution that we have developed entirely in-house thanks to our own resources and our development team.


10. You said during one interview that Enimbos should collaborate in projects with social responsibility. Which projects are these and do you have plans for Portugal in this field as well?

In Enimbos we believe that business success goes beyond business growth, so we are very committed to improving society every day; that is, not only to maintain and strengthen the welfare of all people who make up the team, but also to do our bit in the social aspect. We are very committed to corporate responsibility projects. In this sense, we are entering the university ecosystem of Portugal by offering scholarships for students and working in startup incubator programs in Portugal. In addition, since 2018 we have been collaborating with the CurArte Foundation to financially support, disseminate and give voice to the magnificent project of humanizing hospital spaces, mainly focused on pediatric areas, in which this NGO works for hospitals throughout the Iberian Peninsula.


If you want to read the full story in the press media Vida Economica just click here.

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