Security Services

We simplify the complexity of hybrid and multi-cloud environments, creating a secure platform.

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Three services

Our cloud security services


1. Risk analysis and architectural proposals

    • We carry out an analysis of the business requirements (customers, employees, suppliers, etc.)
    • We identify and evaluate associated threats
    • We identify existing security measures
    • We carry out a final evaluation and define an objective architecture

2. Cloud Security Service Deployment

Having made a final architecture and evaluation, we implemented the following services:

  • Endpoint protection: antivirus and malware
  • Perimeter protection: DDoS, Firewall and WAF
  • Password and access protection: IAM, KM and MFA
  • Consolidation and processing of logs: ILK and SIEM

3. Security Operation Center 24/7

  • Continuous monitoring system
  • Correlation of alerts
  • Integration of ML and AI solutions
  • Immediate response to incidents
  • Direct connection to the AWS Shield Response Team

Some real use cases

Car industry


· Implementation of AWS Security Hub for providing client with a holistic approach to see all prioritised alerts and the status of all AWS accounts.
· Findings are visually summarised in chart- and table-based dashboards
· Continuous monitoring of the platform, using automated checks based on AWS best practices

Online retail


· Implementation of an AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) service to protect from the inbound traffic
· Creation of security rules to block common attack patterns, as SQL injection or cross-site scripting (XSS)
· Implementation of the API Gateway functionality to automate the creation, implementation and maintenance of security rules

Education sector


· Creation of a Landing Zone as a governance mechanism for a public cloud environment. Through multi-account environments and segregation of functions, this Landing zone facilitates the extrapolation of security barriers and perimeters used in traditional environments.


The three main advantages we offer you

Top-level certifications
and expert cloud knowledge

We have a highly qualified professional team.

Direct support from the
leading cloud providers

AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle and Google Cloud Platform.


Based on support cells dedicated to our customers.

Javier tells us what he thinks

Our security excellence service is the optimal security framework for our clients, in which we deploy the most advanced security processes and tools. Besides, being recognized by AWS as MSSP gives us the possibility to provide exclusive AWS benefits to our customers, which is a great advantage.
Javier Tavera Principal Consultant