The Blindobarras night

“Thanks to the cloud companies no longer have to worry about these incidents in their Data Center”

A few days ago, Enimbos had the pleasure of returning to the University at the hands of Tomeu Serra*, Full Professor (Computer Networks and Cybersecurity in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science) in the Balearic Islands University. University IT Support Center founder and director for twenty years. Apart from his extraordinary professional background, we could see on first hand his great dedication to the teaching work and the great esteem that his students profess him.

Our CEO, Javier de la Cuerda, taught a class with students from the 3rd and 4th years of Computer Engineering.

Javier, who has enormous knowledge about Data Center environments, shared with students very interesting information for them about what a Data Center is like inside, the types of services they offer, their main attributes and the most critical components of these huge “Monsters” that contain the essence of many companies. If they fall, almost the world stops.

Throughout the day we were visiting some companies based in Palma. On two occasions came the issue of the fateful night where a failure in the blindobarras of a Data Center was a huge crisis. Some commented that since then and despite having had children had never been another night without sleep. Today, after more than 10 years, it is remembered as an anecdote, but it took years of life for some people, for sure … A failure in the plates that triggered a fire that caused the loss of connectivity in many of the large companies of our country.

Speaking of the functioning of the Data Center, Javier shared with the students this experience that they remembered during the day, and the human lesson that he gave us is that when something fails (everything goes wrong) we have to face it, assume responsibilities and be at the customer side looking for solutions.

We want to thank Tomeu Serra for the possibility of being with their students, and above all for being part of this type of initiatives that make real life reach the classrooms, allowing them to know by firsthand the problems that people face in companies and especially the values ​​that help you continue through life on a personal level but also on the professional one, (humility to recognize mistakes and responsibility to assume them)

In addition, Javier told them that we were recently at the MWC in Barcelona and the boys remembered that event because the news said that “the tallest and most beautiful girls charged more”. Well it is not very technological news, but it is very good that this sounds like Chinese, that they are surprised and that they do not understand it: if they do the same they should win the same.

I take this opportunity to encourage the only girl who was present, who lives well in an eminently masculine environment but who does not feel different. That is the important thing. I encourage you to keep fighting to get what you want.

Thank you guys for your interest and for your attention. We know that blindobarras are a thing of the past. That the new cloud environments are safer and that is what Enimbos try every day to offer to our present and future customers, the tranquility and reliability that we can provide with the new solutions that these ecosystems provide.

We know that you are very talented, and we trust that at least for these reasons you will not have many nights without sleep

* TOMEU SERRA Founder and director of the IT Support Center of the University for twenty years. Technical advisor to more than twenty private and public companies, mainly in Spain. Founder, shareholder and strategic advisor of the first split of the university: IBITEC, a small R & D innovation company created to benefit society and help university graduates make the transition to the business world from the academic world.

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