The value of people in the success of organizations

Although it sounds utopian the more years I spend in the labor market, the more I believe in the importance of what companies contribute to their employees outside the payroll. With this I do not say that the salary is not important, in the end people should feel that their work is recognized and fairly paid. It is a sad reality the precariousness of salaries in recent years but with this ahead, it is good that we value it as one more variable along with many others when working for one company or another.

There is a lot of talk about employees as brand ambassadors, but I also think it’s impossible to buy. If they believe in what they do they are. If they are happy working they will speak well of you wherever they go and if they are not, not even millions of teambuliding events will get it and in any case it will be done in an artificial way and that in the end it shows. 

I am very fan of psychological freedom in companies, I know that it is difficult to achieve it because it requires collaborators (who are not employed) who are responsible for their work, who do not escape, who work as a team, who help the partner, although other than in their schedule, that they look for solutions to an ‘all to one’ problem. But when both things happen, collaborators who believe in the project and leaders who help people feel good at work, the perfect equation is given. For me to be very close to success.

The scenario in which these companies move is based on the fact that there is a common goal that pushes people, vacations except for greater evils are taken when people want, the schedule is flexible, each one is the general director of their plot, they trust what you do, there are no corseted roles (we all go down to the mud if necessary), you own your time but responsible for your results, your opinion is heard and if you make a mistake you apologize and you learn from your mistake but you don’t get upset in a public square and if your mother is sick they give you barracks so you can be by her side, or your bad son, or your broken boiler. We are human beings and things happen to us …

When this happens you can only be faithful to your company and your project because it gives you things that can never be paid with money. You will fight to win projects and because they go well, because customers are happy, because the orders arrive on time, because the answers are of quality and almost as if it were your family it will hurt you to speak badly about it.

In our professional facet, many hours of our life go away, we must try not to be a time of permanent wear. It is a great satisfaction to work with committed people who also join in a common project outside of the economic objectives for trying to make society something better. Having challenges in common serves as a great cohesion for the teams and makes us feel that our effort is going to revert to something higher. That small gestures of people and companies can achieve many things.

What more could you want? It is not a utopia, I firmly believe in the power of good people and those who rant at every moment of everything have not yet realized that the goodness applied to all areas of life leads to success. I think the perfect company exists and I think I’m in it. I still trust that people do business better and that they should do everything possible because people feel proud to belong to it. The benefit will be mutual.

I don’t give up and you?

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