“We must innovate to lead the Spanish cloud market”

Javier Gironda

Javier Gironda, a Computer Engineer from the University of Extremadura with more than a decade of experience in the cloud computing sector, is an expert in multi-cloud environments.

What is Enimbos?

We are a leading technology company focused on helping customers in their digital transformation towards more efficient and competitive environments, such as cloud environments. Our team consists of more than seventy highly qualified and certified professionals, with more than three hundred official certifications AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle and GCP. We have offices in Spain and Portugal (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Cáceres, Mérida, Lisbon and Aveiro), from which we offer control and optimization of cloud environments, cloud security systems and the migration of any company, always ensuring the optimization of resources and the facilitation of management and operation.

Which is the project that Enimbos is developing in Extremadura?

We have two offices in Extremadura: one in Cáceres, with more than twenty-four cloud experts; and another in Mérida. In Cáceres, the bulk of the work is focused on administration and support tasks for cloud services for different clients throughout Spain, regardless of their location, as thanks to our work model based on operation cells, we are able to form teams with staff from Cáceres or Madrid and provide continuous support.

In addition, we maintain a close collaboration with the University of Extremadura. Through an agreement we have developed a paid internship program focused on training future cloud experts, which offers students the possibility of joining the staff. After a selection process, the students start the program and do an internship where they are trained in the main cloud providers. In addition, a controlled environment is made available to them where they carry out practical exercises simulating situations that they will encounter in reality. Once incorporated, the same continuous training system is maintained in the four main cloud partners.



Why was Extremadura chosen when opening new offices there?

In order to keep growing, the key is to keep adding talent to the team. There is an exceptional amount of talent in Spain, and in this case in Extremadura: young people with excellent qualities, who have proven to be capable of working on extremely complex projects with admirable motivation and very positive results.

The objective of the talent program is to offer quality job opportunities to very well trained young people, who otherwise would be forced to move to Madrid or Barcelona. After seeing that the number of students migrating to large cities from Extremadura was very high, we saw that there was an opportunity to create a center of operations and offer a job opportunity in the region, working in a company with multinational clients and very advanced technological projects. After two years since the opening of the Cáceres office, we have created a team of twenty-four cloud experts, which represents a growth of 174% compared to other companies in Extremadura.

What differentiates you from your competitors in the business field?

If we analyze our competitors in Extremadura, we differ in one key aspect: our work offer in the region focuses on support and management of cloud services, while that of our competitors focuses on software development. Another clear difference is Enimbos’ high level of investment in R&D. As a technology company, we must be at the forefront of innovation if we want to be leaders in the Spanish cloud computing market.

Do you think that the time has come to expand the range of services on offer?

We are ending 2019 with a very comprehensive cloud service offering, ranging from the first contact a customer has with cloud technology, thanks to our Data Center Transformation service, to a complete service focused on the continuous management of any cloud platform, as well as optimization and governance services for cloud and hybrid environments. In 2020 we have decided to offer a new line of business focused on cloud consulting services. Today, our offer is very broad, characterized by a high level of specialization according to the level of digitalization of the companies: from Cybersecurity and Business Continuity Services, to Cloud Managed Services, where the above mentioned services come in, to our SaaS Skytuneup platform for the complete governance of multicloud environments.

What are Enimbos’ new consulting services, and is it what the market demanded?

We have developed a new line of business focused on professional cloud consulting services, focused on cloud security and value-added data processing services (Cloud Security and Cloud Data & Analytics), with the goal of becoming the technology partner that customers can turn to when they need to address such fundamental issues as cloud platform security and mass data management.

The market was demanding these solutions, and companies need to have cloud partners who know and get the most out of these environments. This offering allows us to become the partner our customers demand and helps them become more competitive.

Besides expanding your offer, what is your commitment to continue growing?

Once Enimbos has been positioned as one of the companies with greater cloud expertise in the Spanish market, the goal is to continue growing in knowledge and experience through the implementation of large international projects. We have in mind the development of our internationalization strategy, with the immersion in certain European cloud markets. The recent opening of new offices in Aveiro, Portugal is an example of this.

Has the Covid-19 crisis accelerated the digital transformation of companies? Do you think that in this new normality that is being talked about, companies that do not invest in innovation and digitalization will not survive?

It is evident. We have evolved in a few months what would have taken years in terms of digital transformation. The advantages offered by the cloud are enormous for facing exceptional scenarios such as the current one, but we must look beyond and understand that technology must not only be implemented at specific times, since it is our best tool for optimizing processes and becoming more competitive. The cloud allows companies to adapt to the needs of the moment, thanks to its flexibility and scalability, and makes it possible to work from any point. In addition, it allows better control of costs by shutting down resources when the business must stop due to exceptional circumstances. Immediate scalability also offers an advantage by being able to deploy resources quickly, as we have seen in this pandemic in retail companies that have had to base their business on online shopping. In short, investment in new technologies and cloud solutions has many advantages.

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