Success story

Architecture on AWS and Management 24-7

8Belts offers its customers a unique online method in the world for language learning in 8 months, being leaders in results within e-learning methods. Through an intelligent algorithm it adapts the teaching system to each person according to their specific skills, making it a fast and effective method.

Working with Enimbos, in addition to being the success of our technological need, has been learning and valuable evolution. We’ve managed to make the most of the new ones.
Miguel Portillo CTO of 8Belts

Starting situation

8Belts had a platform on AWS with deployed resources that didn’t fit properly with real business needs and was looking for a technology partner that could evolve its platform with the latest AWS solutions, as well as optimize it in costs. In addition, it required a nearby and proactive 24-7 management service.

The goal

Resize the platform on AWS to optimize it with cost and a Serverless model.

The solution

After analyzing your situation and seeing the need for a partner to manage your platform, the following objectives were set:

  • Proactive Management Service
  • Advisory and Technological Evolution Service.
  • Enable DEV environment platform on and off
  • Implement WAF solution
  • Implement Shield Attack Protection Solution
  • Implement/evaluate CDN CloudFront adoption
  • Implement continuous deployment solution
  • Use Cognito for user integration and management
  • Analyzing the possible migration to BBDD Aurora


Evolution of the platform with the most advanced AWS solutions

Better user experience with reduced load time and faster system speed

Reducing costs through resizing

Maximum security to protect the most sensitive data

Services applied