Success story

AWS GLOBAL IT Transformation Project

Agile is a technology provider that provides publishing companies and large media companies with tools to be highly efficient in publishing, distributing and monetizing their content and audiences.

They have an agile platform based on the effective performance of the content and their customers are the main Spanish media.

After months of close collaboration with Enimbos, Agile’s global IT transformation project has been successfully consolidated with AWS.
Núria Llop Director of Professional Services

Starting situation

The cost and limitation issues of the platform were the main reason to launch a global migration project to an environment that responded to the consequences of having a heterogeneous platform between OVH and AWS, with outdated hardware and inability to respond to the need to scale resources. In addition, high content volume resulted in high storage and transaction costs.

The goal

Build a sustainable and efficient AWS platform with 24-7 monitoring and implement alerts and application deployment.

The solution

Consolidating your platforms on AWS by providing new, less expensive data storage systems and implementing new security and control measures:

  • Defining and adequacy of architecture on AWS
  • Using SaaS solutions
  • Operation of Systems with 24-7 incident support and snaphots automation
  • Monthly reporting cloud resources, cost optimization
  • Consumption monitoring tools
  • Resource taggeation
  • Use of tools for operation and automation of loads


More efficient environment to offer better service

Scalable storage capacity

Platform control and security and decreased latency in content distribution

Reduced costs from pay-as-you-go

Services applied