Success story

Full Infrastructure Migration to AWS and Management 24-7

TAO offers the installation services of next-generation Wi-Fi networks. Thanks to their powerful platform, they are able to monitor and manage sessions, networks and users in real time.

Its clients include some of the main international hotel chains, as well as providing Wi-Fi installation services to the main shopping center managers throughout the national territory.

We are satisfied, the services meet 100% the requirements of our customers globally.
Gonzalez Martín TAO CTO Director of R&D

Starting situation

TAO infrastructures were not prepared to support large workloads simultaneously. We also found security issues that needed to be addressed, as they triggered some impediments in the development of your business. In addition, your hardware seemed obsolete and it was necessary to provide high-availability solutions.

The goal

Achieve a platform that allows them to automate their processes, improve service by establishing UDP protocols to control load balancers and reduce costs.

The solution

After analyzing their situation and seeing the need for a partner to migrate and manage their platform, the following objectives were set:

  • Full platform migration on AWS
  • Architecture design like IaC, eliminating manual configurations, increasing speed, saving costs and minimizing risks
  • Continuous CI/CD integration with Ansible
  • Multi-vendor portability with Packer
  • Automation of terraform deployments


Complete level of service availability

Increased platform performance and UDP protocol establishment

Cost reduction

Optimizing security controls

Services applied