Success story

Migration in a record time of all repositories and containers to AWS

Wegow is the social marketplace for live music, where users, artists, promoters, and brands immerse themselves in the territory of concerts and festivals in a totally innovative way. Its business has advanced towards online ticket sales, positioning itself as a Spanish reference in this field and becoming present in more than 21 countries, with more than 5M monthly visits at a global level.

Among its functionalities, the ability to announce the concerts of its favorite artists to its users stands out, as well as recommendations of tastes based on data analysis, the ability to use chat rooms to talk about music among the different users of the platform or the centralization of the ticket sales of its suppliers from a single website.

Starting situation

Wegow initially had a platform with different environments: A development environment and a pre-production environment to test the platform.

We also had to take into account the operability of the application itself, since it is based on a system of microservices in charge of managing the different functionalities of the platform such as the web, chats, streaming, etc.

The application runs on a Kubernetes platform deployed at another cloud service provider. The same was true of all the services related to its databases, whose external providers were Mongo Atlas or

We also had to take into account that the platform had other elements such as caches, CDN, DNS, continuous integration systems, etc and that they were completely necessary to migrate together with the Wegow environments.

The goal

Once the contact with Wegow was established, we were faced with the challenge of completely migrating their platform, as well as their development systems, from various cloud providers, unifying their entire cloud framework under a single AWS-based environment:

In addition, the time we had to develop the migration was very short, four weeks, due to different challenges of Wegow and to be able to benefit from the wide catalog of cloud services that AWS presents.

Due to Wegow’s worldwide presence, the migration process was complicated for us, as we could not leave the platform unavailable for more than a couple of hours, so there was a great preparation of the environment in AWS before the switch-over of the platform.

Another key objective was to achieve significant cost savings on the platform by automating and reserving resources to be used later but at a significantly lower cost.

The solution

Due to the wide catalog of services in AWS, and that all the technologies used by Wegow were being offered also from AWS as cloud services, it was decided to make a complete migration of infrastructure and services to an AWS environment.

The first step was to establish a unified account structure in an AWS organization for Wegow, in which the environments were contemplated and divided into different accounts following the AWS best practices.

For the part of the application that operated in Kubernetes, it was decided to use the managed service present in the Amazon cloud, EKS. This service will be in charge of orchestrating all the application’s microservices and will provide advantages to Wegow in terms of platform scalability and stability. In addition, a series of tools were implemented to monitor the platform and follow up on any errors that may occur.

For the different databases present at the client, it was decided to use a wide range of AWS managed services such as RDS, ElasticSearchService, and ElastiCache. While for the data analysis part, the EMR service is implemented, to launch the Spark jobs that will generate the music recommendations for the Wegow app users.

Benefits and advantages

Unification of cloud services on a single platform and a single AWS environment

Improved platform stability

Perimeter security of the platform

Use of CloudHealth for cost savings

Use of VPN to enable remote working