How does AWS MAP Program looks like?

¿What is Enimbos?

It is clear that this question can be answered in different ways depending on whether the person answering is a customer, a partner or someone from the company. If we focus solely and exclusively on everything that can be based on objective data, the answer is as follows: Enimbos is an expert company in the companies digital transformation that facilitates the use of infrastructure on cloud environments. It provides its customers with a wide range of cloud services, ranging from complete infrastructure migration to data auditing and platforms hosted in AWS environments.

In addition, Enimbos has the support of Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the development of any of its cloud services; but specifically in the cloud migration services field, Enimbos maintains the ‘Migration of IT platforms’ certification and the ‘Migration of workloads from Microsoft’ certification.

These two certifications related to the cloud migration services field, together with all the individual certifications held by the Enimbos technical team members, have led us to be considered by Amazon as a partner capable of being part of the exclusive and innovative Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) released by AWS on Monday, April 6, 2020.


¿What is the Migration Acceleration Program (MAP)?

This program has been designed for all those companies that require help to achieve their digital transformation. Its main objective is to support companies that are determined to take the step towards cloud computing technology, being able to achieve significant business benefits by migrating workloads and complete IT infrastructures to Amazon Web Services cloud environments. For this purpose, Enimbos Global Services S.L. has been named partner of the new AWS MAP program with a specialty in Windows. This recognizes our ability to provide consulting support, expert migration insight, and service and consumer credits to minimize the risks of migrating to the cloud, build a solid operating base, and help offset the initial cost of migration processes through these credits. As an exclusive partner of Amazon Web Services, we have demonstrated that we can achieve positive results for any customer who needs full infrastructure migration services or complex load migration services from Windows.

It should be noted that the AWS MAP program establishes and provides a migration methodology to execute all kinds of inherited migrations in a methodical way, as well as an important set of tools to automate and accelerate common migration scenarios. This does not mean that the migration processes are carried out without taking into account the starting point and needs of the clients; quite the opposite. The MAP program recognizes different variants of migration services based on the specialization of the workloads, exactly 8 types:

Within this specialization of the program, we are experts in workloads from Windows. MAP for Windows is an evolution of the initial MAP program that includes additional benefits for customers and partners, but specifically designed to cover all those needs associated with the migration of Microsoft workloads to AWS.

As the Enimbos CEO Javier de la Cuerda explains, “This new level of recognition as an AWS MAP Partner confirms our vocation to provide the best solutions to customers, allowing us to compete more effectively in the market. We appreciate the support provided by AWS to guide us through this process” We cannot forget the great work and support that Amazon Web Services is providing us from the first moment of our Partnership, which is directly reflected in the following idea “Our team is fully dedicated to helping companies achieve their technological objectives by taking advantage of the agility, breadth of services and pace of innovation provided by AWS“.

Therefore, as AWS Migration Delivery partner, we are fully familiar with the cloud migration services and processes work method. Over the past few years, we have served numerous leading organizations and large companies in their migration processes to cloud environments through extensive studies, planning and management of these transformation projects. We also perform full 24/7 operation and administration services on AWS platforms based on best practices executed during data center automation and migration projects for safer, more scalable, and less costly environments. In addition, we implement a 24/7 administration support that uses the most innovative technologies, allowing us to base our work process on an agile model and guarantee an effective response.

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