Joining machines to domain with SSM and Parameter Store

What happens when we have problems in our remote desktops collection or we need more computing power? The answer is to add a new remote session terminal to our collection to solve these problems. All the steps to develop this task are explained by our partner Jose Antonio Gallardo in this new entry in our Blog. 

The use of AWS capabilities such as security groups and AMI images allow you to retrieve an updated version of our remote desktop environment easily, without falling into typical problems of these recreations such as loss of confidence in machines within the domain. 

To do this, first of all, we need to create a security group that avoids the machine to recreate talking to any element of the domain until we add it to a workgroup before changing its name. To do this, we will go to the console and create an SG called Isolated without Outbound rules and with Inbound only to the RDP port from our IP address: 

Once this step is done, we will access the machine, and proceed to remove it from the domain, for this we will open the Windows Explorer, click on This Computer > Properties and there we will change the configuration to change the domain machine to the desired workgroup. We will also use to rename the machine with the name with which it will be added back to the domain: 

Once we have completed these steps, we will restart the machine to apply them, and in the meantime, we will change the Isolated security group to the security group used by the Session Hosts in our environment. After the restart, from the same menu, we will add the machine to the domain: 

Once we have the machine in domain, we only have to access the remote desktop management terminal, and add it to the collection of remote desktops we want, using the option to add remote desktop terminals. 

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