Blog SQL Server Consistent Snapshots with VSS and Systems Manager in AWS

In this post, we will explain how to get consistent daily backups of SQL Server instances using VSS in combination with Systems Manager. 

To do this, first, we will enable an IAM role for the target instances with the following permissions: 

  • DescribeInstances 
  • CreateTags 
  • CreateSnapshot 
  • SSMForEC2Access 

To do this, we will enable the role as seen in the following screenshots: 

Once the Role has been assigned and defined, we access the System Manager and first configure a maintenance window with the following parameters: 

– Target is the instance selected 


  • The task to be executed is the AWSEC2-CreateVssSnapshot document of the Run Command type. 


  • The periodicity is daily.


  • Once the maintenance window is configured, we proceed to configure the document that will take care of the Snapshots: 
  • The parameters to configure are the following: 
    • Exclude Boot Volume: If we want to take the volume of the Operating System from the snapshot 
    • No Writers: If we want to exclude VSS Writers from the backup. 
    • Copy Only: Not to break the chain of incremental backups in SQL Server. 
    • Description: A description for each snapshot. 
    • Tags: The tags to be added to the snapshot. 

    Once configured, it is possible to verify that the backups have been correctly performed: 

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